You know when you have to change. You realise when you are at a crossroads. You feel your dissatisfaction in your everyday life.

Life Coaching is about positive change and the individual. It aims to identify through active collaboration the actions a person can take to help solve and understand challenges and problems to help move towards specific personal goals.

I am not an expert on your life, you are the expert. However I can assist you to reevaluate your life and see what changes need to be made to build confidence, self belief and self esteem.

Life Coaching empowers you to achieve your goals and desires. We examine the relationships you have in your life to Money, Health, Family and your Values. This is how we together discover what is preventing you from living and experiencing your dreams and achieving your life goals.

Life Coaching can be for you. It looks at you now, your values and beliefs. Life Coaching is all about the power of now. It helps the person look at their life and allows them to break old patterns that no longer serve them. Life Coaching empowers the person and allows them to see the bigger picture of what they really want in life. When a person decides to collaborate with a coach and decides to take action in their life the ripple effect is so powerful. The person is empowered and they have a greater zest for life and they also have a greater balance. Life Coaching can really get to the heart of the matter and let the person see what they are missing in their life. We all want to be happy and fulfilled and this is where Life Coaching comes in. It allows us to see what we really want in our life.

Although there are many reasons and situations why people choose coaching there is a top ten listing for choosing coaching as follows:-

  • Stress of daily living

  • Confusion and frustration with imposed situations

  • Help think straight – get on track

  • Leadership skills needed

  • Changing career needs

  • Redundancy

  • Need to up skill

  • Feeling the Chaos

  • Loss of confidence and security

  • Tolerating and dealing with negative environment

The new world we live in and the continuous busy schedules we try to keep up and the sheer pace of our lives woven together with our high expectations, has driven people to look for ways to get help and road maps for their lives both professionally and personally. In essence individuals need to get a balance and to be given tools to sustain their lives. To make sense of their position in life in order to move forward hence the growth of professional coaching particularly in the business world where so much is at stake. In working environments where an older workforce are in place, these individuals can feel threatened by new blood coming into companies offering new approaches. Like a deck of cards these people can very easily feel under pressure to perform and in turn this has an effect on family life and business competence. The workplace is a very challenging environment, some may say it is a jungle where it is “the survival of the fittest”. Life Coaching is for everybody.

To sum up, it is clear to me that coaching is a process that has to be given high regard, because it is empowering someone to change their life and this person has decided to take action to achieve this goal. It is rewarding to see how an individual can take their power back to rebalance their live through the process of connecting with a coach. Coaching can play an important part in society because the world and peoples attitudes has shifted to accept coaching as a tool that can be used successfully to promote self-development and awareness. To energise lives and careers that have gone through low or turbulent times is where a coach can empower and refresh attitudes. Any change starts with taking a first step. What is stopping you?